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Why should you come to the Big Apple? Because it is a city you must visit at least once in your life (at least, we are sure will be many more than one). The importance of New York City in Western Civilization is way beyond measure, the amount of cultural history, natural beauty, architectural attractions, live music, the outrageous theater scene and all the cutting-edge art forms make the ride one that you will not forget in your life.

Brooklyn, New York

NY Downtown

The Big Apple is definitely really big, big enough to get lost in; that is exactly why we created NY Loft Hostel, to help newcomers have a wonderful experience from the very first time. Sometimes the speed with which New York moves and the mesmerizing amount of options available can be frightening, but do not let it scare you, that is where we come in. We will even like to take it a bit further and include information about the hottest, hippest and most trendy places in town as well as the best kept secrets and soon-to-be-hot places that you have to go.

Another thing that people often find when visiting NYC for the first time is that it tends to be quite expensive and that is the reason we take our advice in a very serious way, including budget-oriented options for tourism as well as living. We trust that the backpackers who live in our hearts will be tremendously happy to see that we are getting to know places and people on foot and doing multiple open air and free activities.


Tried and tested, our most important asset is the experience we bring to our readers when they arrive for the first time to this energetic, fast and furious city. The feedback we got back has always been great and we really trust we are doing our best every day. In NY Loft Hostel we do read comments and we bring parts together as much as we can, letting the writers know they are doing a good job.

So, why choose NY Loft Hostel to open the door to fabulous New York City? Because we do the heavy lifting for you and lay it down in simple, easy to use and utterly descriptive posts. You will find out exactly what it feels like to be at that very spot and also be able to save time and money by not using the old trial and error technique. We have a lot of information but all restaurants, hostels and public places that are carefully selected, and most times you will find yourself sharing the goosebumps we felt ourselves being there. NY Loft Hostel members work hard to be as objective as possible while transmitting the feeling of being in that place at the same time.  Our mission statement is set to help others have a wonderful time and learn to love this great city the way we all do.

With a huge experience in communicating with people and sharing experiences, NY Loft Hostel was always thought of as an entity made to help others. We know exactly how it feels to arrive in NYC and know the dos and don’ts in all areas, from accommodation to food, and from shopping to sightseeing, we provide all the needed information to find your way around immediately and make a great experience a truly memorable one. The budget-oriented mindset is for young tourists, backpackers, students and people who don’t want to spend a fortune visiting New York City. Our main goal is always to help others with the best options available to save, have fun, enjoy a great time and tell all their friends about the new discoveries they’ve made.

Thanks a lot for visiting our blog, we really look forward to hearing from you in the ‘Contact us’ section to know how was your stay and if the tips we gave you were effective and still true.



Remember The Big Apple is huge, but it doesn’t bite.