The rising consciousness about man’s impact on the earth has made it increasingly important for the food industry to catch up with looking after the planet as well as consumers.

Sure we all like to go out and have a great time eating things we don’t often eat, or simply going to our favorite restaurant and ordering what we always do, and know it’s delicious. But there’s a catch to it: if we do care so much about not buying transgenic and potentially poisonous goods to cook, shouldn’t we care just as much when we go out? Of course! Here’s a list of restaurants having the same concerns.


This is a green oasis located in the heart of an industrial block in the heart of Bushwick, and grows almost everything served on the dishes right in their backyard. The food is delicious, (you have to try the pizza with ingenious toppings) the environment is crowded, noisy, and has an absolutely cozy and happy vibe. Consciously grown, greatly cooked, and happily served, the food in this place is fabulous.


This historic place took a dramatic shift over the last 15 years and is dedicated to meat-lovers looking for a typical Brooklyn experience in which the origin of the meat and other ingredients is the most important thing for the owner. The decoration is nothing to write home about and the spoken menu changes almost every day, but the responsibility with which these people choose their ingredients is incredible. Have a classic Williamsburg dinner with eco-consciousness and sleep safe, sound and full.

Habana Outpost

This is the first restaurant in Brooklyn to be completely solar-powered; these guys take earth impact more seriously than you have ever seen before. The toilets run on recycled rain water and the utensils are made of corn and sugarcane to reduce the impact even more. But that’s not all we have to say about it, the food is completely delicious with a fantastic Caribbean flavor on your favorite beans, rice and quesadillas. There’s also Café Habana owned by Sean Meenan, and it carries the same philosophy, be sure to dress up and have the phone ready because it’s quite common to see celebrities sitting and enjoying the food–and they don’t mind the occasional selfie.

The Cynical Schnauzer

The goal of owner Przmek Adolf is to reduce to absolute zero the waste his shop generates. This 32-seat farm-to-table wonder offers a huge concrete table to accommodate up to ten people in the center of the restaurant or some Venetian wooden chairs all around the room. The food is completely delicious and the environmental awareness of the owner is not only admirable, but also inspiring to many others in the city and of course, the attendees. Have a great meal with no impact on the planet in this zero-waste wonderland.


Rouge Tomate

These Brussels-based guys really knew what they were doing when they contracted a nutritionist and added her to the staff as a permanent member. The food is amazing, light and delicious with optimum nutritional balance. There’s also an incredible and very varied natural juice bar that will make you want to try more than one. Be sure to stay healthy as you follow professional advice and enjoy a great environment and really tasty food.

The Good Fork

This Korean-meets-American restaurant sources from a farm in the same neighborhood, Right Hook, and was built by carpenter husband Ben Schneider while chef wife Sohui Kim curated the menu. Once inside, the curvy wooden roof will make you think of a luxury boat from another age. The food is nothing short from delicious and the ambience is friendly and cozy, this place is a definite must for a quiet and tasty eco-conscious dinner.



Birdbath Bakery

This eco-minded people took things a whole step further by building the actual shop out of green, recycled and biodegradable elements such as bamboo, grasscloth, sunflower and wheat seeds, among others. They also pedal their way to your house (they’ve pedaled 70,000 miles in three years) and deliver real high quality food made out of organic, local and seasonal ingredients. The shop is really beautifully decorated with old flea-market wallpaper and the New Age-meets-classic bakery is always sweet, delicious and very creative.

The most important thing about this list is that the eco-friendly approach towards food is not by any means a minus when it comes to flavor and presentation. So visit these options and see it for yourself, the revolution is real.