When Travelling On Holidays We Tend To Be A Little Bit Looser With Our Pockets, And In The Big Apple That Can Cost Us Hundreds Of Extra Dollars.

The best way to go on a budget-minded tripl to Brooklyn or to anywhere in the world is to save on the little things we can change for cheaper ones and have a wonderful experience anyway and save the money we do have for those things in which we shouldn’t be saving.

Getting into the city

Once you have arrived, let’s say at JFK airport, what happens next is that you are invaded by taxi drivers wanting to take you into town. Instead and if your luggage allows it, take the AirTrain Service, catch the Blue Line and you’re in Brooklyn already, it will take you all the way to DUMBO for only $5.

Share the experience, choose a Hostel!

While hotels offer more luxurious beds and rooms as well as towels and a superb breakfast, they can cost you more than three times what a hostel costs you. There are many great and cheap hostels in town that will make you save a lot of money and maybe even make new friends.

Walk, walk, walk!

The best way to get to know a city is by walking the streets and getting mixed in the everyday culture and rhythm around you, so pack a comfortable pair of shoes and go straight ahead to walk through the most beautiful neighborhoods to appreciate the sight, the shops, the food and the people. Get the true NYC feeling, don’t be scared to blend in and forget about taxis.

Enjoy the open space

As with any other major city in the world, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit in Brooklyn that won’t cost you a cent, plus, the best pictures you’ll take will be those of the skyline of Manhattan during the sunset from the Brooklyn Promenades and that’s free. The Brooklyn Bridge is another phenomenal open space activity that’s a definite must (and the sight is breathtaking!) and last the Green Wood Cemetery with a free map and Prospect Park are two options covering entertaining and interesting free visits.

Eat well and cheap on your feet

There’s many street carts parked on the streets for you to eat at and you should definitely look for those with a long line that might accommodate you with $5 for a complete lunch. Another great option is to go for the world famous pizzas at Franny’s and get the $8 pizza pie as they call it. If your adventurous heart took you all the way to Coney Island, you can’t miss the famous and traditional hotdogs from Nathan’s Famous, which has been selling them since 1916.



There’s no need to break the bank as you’re having a great time and the only real way to get to know the place you’re in is to walk the streets, talk to the people and get to feel the city’s rhythm in your own bones.