Join Us In A Virtual Journey To All The Best Places To See In This Beautiful City And Enjoy Diversity, Fun And Adventure With Us.

Backpacking trips are made to get to truly know the places where you’re going and are usually for those curious and bold ones who don’t fear walking around and getting mixed with the locals. So, put on your comfortable shoes, bring a jacket and follow us into the best places in Brooklyn through a pair of backpacker’s eyes.


The Brooklyn Bridge

Every backpacking adventure should start at this iconic spot, the monumental suspension bridge with gothic towers that was built in 1883 and still provides a way for more than 100,000 cars a day and thousands of pedestrians. Going on foot will grant the adventurer spectacular views of Brooklyn Heights and Lower Manhattan.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Once you’ve come down the Brooklyn Bridge you can go see the finest skyline view in the whole city at this great spot created in the 1950’s. The place is equipped with trees and benches to make the experience even better. It is a great place for both New Yorkers and tourists.

Brooklyn Heights

Just steps away from the promenade, Brooklyn Heights was home to many of the great New York writers and still is a beautifully built, architecturally rich place on its own. Truman Capote, Norman Mailer and Arthur Miller among many others who walked these streets and saw the same mansions and landscape you’ll be seeing at that very moment.

Greenwood Cemetery

This is probably one of the most historically rich places in the entire Brooklyn area, with tombs that are a work of art and emblematic characters just around the corner. Admission is always free, there’s a really cool app to install on your cellphone and also free takeaway maps. Plus is a perfectly quiet and beautiful place on its own.


For many, this is the hippest area in town. Art has flooded the place and there seems to be a new art gallery opening every day. It’s the same with the food market, and the hippest, most trendy food stores are right here too. We’re on foot, so energy is really important, don’t fill up too much so you can eat healthy in one of the modern restaurants and then go for a walk around town to check on the trendiest secondhand boutiques and quirky shops.


As you walk by DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) you can see all the art galleries and the studios at their finest. Street art and public exhibitions are just a little taste of the artistic and cool vibe in the environment.

Prospect Park

This is like a Mini-Central Park located on the other side of the bridge, and seems really far from all the buzzy noise. The chill vibe you get from such a big green space is enough for you to relax after the hippest areas. Just take a good walk or sit down on a bench, breathe in and enjoy the sights.

Coney Island

Take the Q train because there’s no way you can leave Brooklyn without visiting beautiful Coney Island. The must-dos depend on each visitor, if you’re the daring kind, the shaky Cyclone Rollercoaster is a sure bet and if you’re not, then a good walk around and the inevitable hot dog at Nathan’s is another awesome option.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Back from the shore, the best way to catch the sunset is to go sit at a bench and enjoy just how the skyscrapers light up as the sun gets red and starts setting. The place is secure and is a complete must in order to watch the city go dark while taking pics or just feeling really lucky for being there.

Brooklyn Brewery

When the time comes to have ‘one for the road’ as they say, and what could be more Brooklynesque than a beer from Brooklyn Brewery, right? Well, this is a great spot for it since immigrants coming from Germany and Belgium left their beer foam behind in this very spot. You can take the tour or you can just sit down and enjoy one of the many beer flavors they offer.


At night time just cross the bridge back to Manhattan and continue to enjoy the view as a pedestrian backpacker who has just spent an entire sightseeing day with a few bucks and a good set of legs.


You can do a lot of cool activities with little or no money here.