Brooklyn Heights, with its brownstone streets lined with trees, is the perfect place to enjoy the local culture along with great food and intercontinental cuisines. Whether you are craving for smoky barbeque, handmade falafel, authentic Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches or French cuisine, Brooklyn has everything necessary to satisfy your taste buds. No matter which variety of food you are looking for, you are sure to find it in one of the exotic restaurants in Brooklyn, New York City.

Perverted Moms – The List of NY Places

Perv Mom – Thanks For The List!

The list below has been built for you with the help of the perverted moms. These ladies are known for being starlets in Perv Mom production and besdies their professional work, they are very experienced in visiting many food places in various places around the country. We think it’s right moment ot announce their work, so here it is – please take a look at their website and after you are done enjoy the list they prepared for us!

Brasserie Seoul

Brasserie Seoul is located in downtown Brooklyn, serving delectable French and Korean cuisine. The restaurant is known for its bold, layered and unexpected flavors that are totally in vogue. Besides the restaurant’s French offerings, Korean cuisine has come up as a global food trend, with several of its flavors having become assimilated into contemporary cuisine that is favored by many.

French Louie

French Louie is known for its inventive menu that is a mix of traditional French cuisine combined with a modern, American flare. The restaurant features a mural of a cartoon pine tree with comfortable leather benches offering all kinds of meals from breakfast through until dinner. Some of the city’s favorite dishes are the dirty rice with pan-fried skate, bistro favorites, crab bisque with chili oil, or French toast with huckleberry jam and crème fraiche. French Louie offers beers, cocktails and impressive French wines alongside the delicious food.

Jack The Horse Tavern

This is a sophisticated and tastefully designed restaurant in Brooklyn, featuring a beautifully unique gold-hued tin ceiling, wood paneling, brick accents and antiques art pieces. The menu is intercontinental with something for all, from autumn vegetable risotto to pan roasted fluke, to Maine mussels in white wine sauce. It maintains its charm and style both in its décor and authentic cuisines. Its extensive wine list is certainly worth a look.


Ozu is a great choice for Japanese and Asian fusion cuisine. Its pleasant contemporary ambience, modern décor and warm, friendly staff – not to forget the fresh sushi – make this Brooklyn restaurant worth visiting. The expansive menu includes a large collection of salads, soups, appetizers and sushi at reasonable rates, along with wines, beers and cocktails. Ozu is perfect for a relaxed meal with friends, with consistently good food and a trendy vibe.

Queen Restaurant

Queen Restaurant, with its conservative décor, is a traditional Italian restaurant with over fifty years in the business. Its extensive menu exploring the taste of Italy, plus the efficient and friendly service has made this place a focal point of the neighborhood. The menu includes freshly baked regional breads with a large choice of pasta, meat, fish, and cheese platters. Guests enjoy restaurant’s daily menu of homemade mozzarella with grilled mushroom, ricotta and eggplant baked with pasta and sautéed garlic shrimp in white wine. It is known for its expansive wine list and desserts from tiramisu to panna cotta.

Noodle Pudding

Despite its name, Noodle Pudding serves the best Italian food in Brooklyn Heights. It serves large portions, with wines at reasonable prices. There is a considerable choice in the menu, with many Mediterranean options like risottos and pastas. Their special dish is grilled baby artichokes with Parmesan cheese and peppery arugula, served in a warm and cordial atmosphere.

Siggy’s Good Food

Siggy’s Good Food, located on Henry Street in Brooklyn, is a restaurant with a difference. It promotes tasty, healthy food, devoid of any fertilizers, pesticides or antibiotics. This is a unique place where vegans, vegetarians and those following a gluten-free diet can dine in confidence from an entirely organic menu. The restaurant has one aim – to contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle for all, from its guests to the local livestock, as they only source meat from humane providers who abstain from cruel practices. Siggy’s ensures quality care for animals and customers, providing fresh juices, natural smoothies, soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches. The restaurant is known to offer cuisines that are Mediterranean inspired, but with a conscience.

Yemen Café And Restaurant

Yemen café and Restaurant is known for its simple décor and laid-back, café-style atmosphere, serving nothing but the best when it comes to Yemini cuisine. It serves a combination of Middle-Eastern and Indian cuisine, from roasted lamb served with rice, to naan style flatbreads, potato stews and a range of vegetables. Red meat and fish are a specialty in Yemen Café, served with soft drinks and teas. This lively yet homely environment, with its delicious dishes and friendly staff, keeps guests coming back again and again.

Hing Wong

Hing Wong is a small Chinese restaurant serving delectable and authentic Chinese food at good prices with adequate servings. The menu includes pan fried dumplings, chicken wings, sesame chicken with broccoli, sweet apple sticks and much more. The polite and friendly staff providing great customer service is an added attraction for guests, besides the fabulous food.

Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin is New York’s original restaurant of high style French seafood that has maintained its reputation throughout the past three decades. The main dining hall is a very formal place with white tablecloths, where a dinner jacket is the rule. This is an expensive restaurant, although you can try the delectable French cuisine in Le Barnardin’s new snack bar that is a little more affordable. Pisco Gaudi is a special drink served here made with Peruvian brandy, saffron tincture, smoked paprika and egg whites.

Pig and Khao

Pig and Khao on Clinton Street in Brooklyn is a restaurant serving Thai and Filipino cuisine, like grilled pork jowl with Brussels sprouts, lime chili sauce and toasted rice. One can experience all the flavors on offer if you order the Chef’s special five-course menu available on weekdays.